Saturday, November 08, 2008

What's the Rush?

I get tired of the pace that is set by our society. Everything is so rushed all the time. Living in a big city like Seattle only makes me doubly aware of it. People here rush everything...even friendships. No one has time to just sit for a while and chat or just spend time together cutting up and having fun. Call me old but I sometimes long for simpler times when we didn't have cell phones (I still don't have one) and Facebook and such. Facebook still baffles me. I love that I'm in touch with some old friends but I still get friend requests from people that are not friends nor do we have any business being friends. Are they trying to get their friend count up? I don't get it. I also enjoy my iPod and my computer but I sometimes just wish I could be sitting on the porch with a few friends doing nothing but being with one another. It's especially hard out here on the West Coast. People here don't do friendship like they do in the South. There's no time to cultivate deep relationships because everyone is in a rush to get to their next thing. We are still perplexed by the fact that no one goes out to lunch after church on Sunday. That used to be one of the best times I had to catch up and chat and laugh with friends. I know I'm not insane because our other friends from down South feel the same way we do.
I don't have enough brain power today to make this into anything profound. I guess I'm just mourning true, deep friendships. Sarah and I both miss that a lot.

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