Sunday, April 15, 2007


Already Dead by Charlie Huston
This noir vampire novel introduces Joe Pitt, a tough P. I. type who just happens to be a vampire working in a vamp controlled NYC. His investigation begins with a zombie hunt and spirals into race to find the carrier, the one creating all the zombies.
I didn't enjoy this book. It's gotten rave reviews but I just didn't care for it. I listened to a podcast interview with the author and they made it sound so interesting. It wasn't. Sure, Huston does a good job of setting up the noir atmosphere and everyone talks like it's a cheap pulp story but I found the whole thing cliche'. I've never been a fan of the hard-boiled detective stories anyway. I guess I thought with some supernatural elements thrown in it might be good. That's what I get for thinking. To me, the whole thing just seemed so repetitive and boring.
I'm in a rut with my reading. I need some new discoveries, some new genres to explore. Any suggestions?

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Chagrin said...

Even though you don't like the hard-core PI work, try Denise Mina (Garnethill, Exile, Resolution) crime solving stories. I enjoyed them. Also, try Nicola Griffith's Slow River for some good sci-fi mystery or Blue Place or Stay for more sleuthing). Have you read Max Barry's Jennifer Government or Matt Ruff's Sewer Gas and Electric? They're both set in the near future with a philosophical sci-fi bent and I highly recommend them.