Monday, April 02, 2007


I spent the day doing some acting for a video we're presenting at church on Easter Sunday. I pretty much played myself which is the most difficult role I've ever played. Jeff wrote the script and it revolved around the idea of doubts about the Resurrection. I spend most of the time waxing philisophical in a Marty-like fashion (that pretty much means brutal honesty with a side of humor) while I am sketching images based on the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. I learned a few things from the experience. They are...
  • It was difficult playing me because I don't really know who I am anymore. I think a new me is emerging from the ruins of the old but it's still an awkward place to be. Perhaps the old Marty is dead but a new one will rise from the that Phoenix bird!
  • I knew I was rusty at acting but being rusty at drawing surprised me. It shouldn't have. I enjoy the art of collage and am having a bit of success at it but when it came time to sit down and do the sketches for this video, I had a difficult time of it. My knowledge of anatomy isn't what it used to be and I found myself having to refer to photos. Once I had the photographic reference, the chops started coming back...but slowly. I still have pretty good hand/eye coordination but the whole drawing thing needs some work. I'm glad this experience woke me up to the dormancy of my talent. I need to let it wake up.
  • I am still a bit off balance around my new church friends. Like I said before, it's hard to be me when I don't know who me is. But they amaze me. They are truly some of the most genuine, down-to-earth, gentle, loving people I've ever met. It's true that I miss having some of my old cynical, skeptical rock and roll buddies around (I really miss being able to talk about music with people who know what I'm talking about) but something tells me that these folks are going to be good for me...somehow. (Big thanks to Steve, Merlin and especially Kent...the hardest working guy I think I've ever met)
  • Jeff is a talented guy and I like working with him. As a director, he is so encouraging and full of wonderful insights. He has a way of seeing things that totally inspires me...and makes me angry with myself for not having seen them myself. He challenges me...and that's something I need right now. Thanks for the opportunities, Jeff.
Well, the day is done and I'm one tired puppy. I had forgotten how taxing a video shoot can be. It's fun but draining. I can't wait to see how the vid turns out...even though I hate seeing myself. (Do I really sound like, my hair is thin...geez, lose some weight, fatty) Who knows. It might end up on YouTube. If so, maybe I'll let you know about it. Then again, maybe I won't.

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