Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Theme Emerges

Have you ever experienced a period of time in your life when a particular theme seems to be enveloping you? That is happening now with us. Here's a timeline as best as I can remember it.
  • On April 13th Jeff blogged about his need for rest and what that should look like in his life. I commented that he should take a look at it from the perpective of Sabbath. He took me up on it.
  • That night, we got together for our NW Arts meeting and Jeff introduced the topic for the night's discussion: Sabbath. We all talked about rest and what it means for each of us. We also talked about the Sabbath and why it is that no one takes that concept seriously anymore.
  • On Sunday, April 15th, Sarah and I took a Sabbath. We did absolutely not much all day long and it was a gloriously refreshing time.
  • On Sunday, April 22nd, we returned to church for our pastor's new series called Less Stress based on Psalm 23. The title of the sermon? Rest is Best.
  • Today I was listening to a Kindlings Muse podcast entitled Unfrantic Spirituality. The topic of discussion was C. S. Lewis and his seemingly unfrantic approach to life.
I will be contemplating all of this for many days. I've got to try and get my head around why this is bombarding us here and now. I've always tried to live a simple life as best as I can. I learned a long time ago that money isn't everything, nobody wins the rat race, and there are more important things in life than working yourself to death. Perhaps I've missed something and that's what I need to figure out. Sarah and I need to examine just what this all means for us. We've already batted around some ideas. Let's just see where all this is leading. Meanwhile, I think I'll try to get some rest.

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