Sunday, April 08, 2007

Little Visitor

We have an 8 year old in the apartment this week. Our friends who live in Boise have sent Bekah to stay with us so she can go to Taproot's drama camp this week. I'm sure it will be an interesting week. She and Sarah have been playing most of the afternoon. It's been very dramatic. They pulled out Sarah's dollhouse and had some serious drama going where the kids were sent to an orphanage and the dog to the pound. That seem rather tragic to be coming from the mind of an 8 year old. Still, she's rather imaginative. On the way back from the airport, I called her mom to tell her we had her. I got her answering machine and left this long message about being a homeless man named George who found her daughter wandering around the airport. I said she was okay and that I had fed her crackers and vienna sausage. When her mom called, Bekah told her she was Ruby and started talking like I had in my George character. Then Sarah became Fred and Bekah drew pics of Fred, George and Ruby for us. After lifegroup, she asked if we were really having vienna sausage and crackers for supper. So funny!

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