Monday, April 16, 2007

A Day of Rest

It was weird the way this all worked out. On Friday, Jeff wrote in his blog about how hard it is for him to rest. I suggested he take a look at the concept from the angle of the Sabbath. He did. We ended up talking about it at Friday nights NW Arts meeting. In a nutshell, not many of us really know how to rest and the ones of us that do don't do it enough. So what's weird about that?
On Thursday evening Sarah asked if we could play hooky from church and lifegroup to recover from our week of hosting an 8 year old. Bekah was a joy but it was exhausting nonetheless. I said sure since playing hooky from church is something I could not do when I was a minister. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to not be there every time the doors are open. So Sarah and I sent our regrets about lifegroup and I turned down a request to lead communion on Sunday morning (sorry Pat) and we played hooky.
It turned out to be a nice day of doing nothing much. I got up at 8 because Mickey (one of our cats) was doing his revolving door routine of wanting under the covers then wanting out then wanting in, etc. Sarah slept until 10 when I marched in and demanded waffles. (okay, I didn't demand...we had already decided on waffles) She made the waffles and we ate them with real maple syrup. (none of that runny sugar free crap we've been using) After cleanup, we walked to Blockbuster and then Fred Meyer. Sarah bought some onions, broccoli and snap peas to plant in her balcony garden and we got some much needed toilet paper. Ah, domesticity! Since payday is today and it's been a long pay period, we opted to pay for our Freddie purchases with our rolled coinage. Sarah was embarrassed about it but hey, it spends just as well as the paper kind.
After arriving back home, Sarah adjourned to her gardening chores and I piddled in the studio. Following that, we went to the beach to soak in a little nature. The above photo will tell you all you need to know about our visit. We plunked down against a log and vegged. It was so relaxing. I think I could have just slept right there on the sand.
There were two guys wandering around on the beach and they stopped to try and hit the two logs in the water (see pic) with a rock. They probably threw 100 rocks and hit it once. One guy moved up closer and still couldn't hit it. It was hilarious. After they left, I picked up a rock just to try it. From a sitting position, I pegged it the first time. Yeah, baby!
After a sufficient time of laziness in the sun, we returned home but stopped by a neighborhood we've not explored just to check things out. We stopped to see how much one home was ($750,000) and then went on our way to our modest but homey apartment.
The rest of the evening consisted of more chilling, pizza (I sprung despite being fiscally challenged because we were both craving it), and we started watching a miniseries on DVD from the Sci Fi Channel called The Lost Room. (pretty intriguing) We crawled into bed around 10, read a bit and then went nighty night.
If you are not taking a day like this on occasion, shame on you. It's good for what ails ya!

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God, your legs look just like I remember them...