Monday, April 02, 2007

Happy Historic Low Usage

I saw this sign on the Ballard branch of the library the other day.
Library closed Sunday, April 8th due to historic low usage.

Wow! And here I thought it was Easter. Little did I know that it was Historic Low Usage Day. Just think of all the things I've been missing: visits from the Historic Low Usage Bunny, coloring and hiding Historic Low Usage eggs for the kiddies, and don't forget that ever important Historic Low Usage pageant that the local church will be putting on next Sunday. I feel cheated. Well, no longer. Starting this year, I am going to start celebrating Historic Low Usage Day in style.
Is it too late to get a Historic Low Usage Bonnet for the Historic Low Usage Parade?


becca said...

Dear me. You made me laugh with this one.

Tinc said...

I wonder how long they had to keep stats to come to this conclusion?