Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday the 13th Part II

Well, I went home this afternoon to get ready to come back for Bekah's show. (at the end of drama camp they do a show) I made sure to grab everything I needed to video the show so we can send a disc to her parents. I also had to grab the fruit platter that Sarah prepared for the after-show reception. Well, as I'm exiting the apartment, the fruit platter begins to drip marachino cherry juice all over the floor. I put the tripod down to facilitate clean-up, it falls to the ground and breaks. Great! Well, the tripod is probably 22 years old but it was (I thought) in good shape.
Thankfully, the curse of the 13th ended there. Bekah's show went well and our meeting of the NW Artists was good. On the way home, Bekah begged for us to tell her a story. Being a bit late for me, I came up with some typically warped tales that delighted both Bekah and Sarah. Remind me to tell you the one about Punchman Meets Rockman. It's a winner!

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