Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I will be busy today getting ready for Trunk or Treat at our church so here's a special poem I wrote a few years ago to celebrate this special day. Have a good, safe time tonight!

Howl and scream, it's Halloween
Craziest night I've ever seen
Ghosts of white and witches green
Let's get ready for Halloween

Pumpkins orange and cats of black
Decorate your goodie sack
Light your way with Lantern Jack
Hope you find your way back

Paint your face and dye your hair
Friends and neighbors hope to scare
Knock on that door if you dare
The house is haunted, have a care

Monster mask and witches hat
Hey, there goes a vampire bat
Looks just like a flying rat
Maybe I'll go get my cat

We'll have fun with friends we meet
As we hollar, "Trick or Treat"
See what goodies we can eat
Getting candy sure is neat

Bob for apples, that's so fun
Candy corn for everyone
Cotton candy by the ton
Belly aches when we get done

Tell ghost stories in the dark
By the fire in Moonbeam Park
Hear that werewolf howl and bark
Think I'll feed him my friend Clark

Mummies rap and gargoyles play
'Round the fields and bales of hay
Come out at night but not by day
The sun returns, they run away

I hope you pick a costume soon
I started mine the 6th of June
I'm going as a grisly goon
Hope I don't look like a loon

Midnight tolls and Halloween's through
No more bats or ghosts that "Boo"
Costumes gone and candy too
Til next year when Halloween's new

Copyright 2005 Marty Gordon

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onehuman said...

This is awesome Marty! I love it