Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Friday Harbor: Day 1

I had to work that morning but we ended up getting on the road at about 11:30 am. Having never driven that far north (we'd only been up as far as Everett...a whopping 25 minute drive) we opted to give ourselves plenty of time to find it and be plenty early for the ferry in Anacortes. It took us about 1.5 hours to get there which gave us plenty of time to sit and wait for the ferry. (best to be early though because it's first come, first served) We explored the shoreline near the ferry terminal and took a few pictures. I was especially impressed with the art produced by the cormorants and gulls on the terminal structures. Very Jackson Pollock. The ferry departed at 2:40 and I officially felt like the vacation had begun. We were on the water and that's all it takes for me. The ferry ride was only an hour. We arrived in Friday Harbor, disembarked and found our accommodations. We stayed at the Juniper Lane Guest House, something we found on the internet. It's a nice place about 1.3 miles outside of town with a huge field filled with sheep and alpaca in the back. We checked in, explored our temporary home for a bit and then headed into town. We explored Friday Harbor, grabbed a bite to eat, booked a whale watch for Saturday and then headed back to the house to watch a movie and go to bed. While getting ready, Sarah found a little friend in the bathroom. I put him outside so that he wouldn't get squished in the night. We watched Ghostbusters, part of our monthly Halloween themed marathon and hit the hay.
Stay tuned for Day 2.

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