Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Today is October 1st. I think October may be my favorite month. It is the month of my favorite holiday, Halloween. It's also the beginnings of fall, my favorite time of year. I've been toying with doing a Halloween Countdown where I ruminate and reminisce about Halloween past, present and future. I usually follow another blog who does the same thing but he's not doing it this year. (bummer) So, I'm thinking it over. As it is, Sarah and I are ready to begin our month long Halloween movie marathon. I think we'll probably start with Iron Man. I know that's not a horror/monster movie but it does involve a superhero and kids do dress up as superheroes at Halloween. Okay, it's a stretch but it's my marathon and I'll watch what I want to.
Enjoy the month!

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becca said...

October is not my favorite month, but it is pretty high on my list. I'm more of a fan of summer, just 'cuz of the sun factor.
If it didn't start snowing up here, it might move up to my favorite.
My birthday's in October, so I always have positive thoughts about it. ;)