Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Halloween Countdown: Munsters Original Pilot

I loved the Munsters as a kid. What's not to love. A family comprised of the movie monsters. Heaven for a kid. Nowadays, I appreciate the Addams Family alot more than I did in my younger days. The humor was over my head back then. And the Munsters, well, little wonder a kid preferred them over the Addams's. Their humor was corny, slapstick and easy to catch. Plus the visuals were more in your face than the much more subtle Addams's.
So, for your viewing pleasure here is a pilot episode for the Munsters. Actually, it's just part 1 but if you want part 2 you can find it on YouTube. They sure did a lot of tweaking after that pilot episode. Good thing, too. Lily looks a bit too much like Morticia.

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