Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Halloween Countdown: Chick Tracts

Lord help me but I do love these little tracts from Jack T. Chick. As a kid, I never knew if the stuff in them was true or not but I admired the artwork. Nowadays they are a guilty pleasure for me. Every now and then I find them at the theatre. Someone usually leaves a few in the women's bathroom in the upstairs lobby. Those women in the balcony need Jesus bigtime!
If you're not familiar with Chick Tracts, go here and here for a couple of Halloween themed goodies. And remember, Chick Tracts make great treats for kiddies on Halloween night.

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becca said...

My husband has a passionate hatred for these things... I don't like 'em either, but, man, get him going! And he's not much of one for just sheer hatred of something- a fairly pacifistic fellow except for his fascination with guns. I can't believe I just wrote that last sentence... But it is true. ;P