Sunday, October 19, 2008

Halloween Countdown: Marty as Dracula

Okay, this is embarrassing as hell but that's what we're here drag those blush inducing skeletons out of the closet.
Somewhere along the way I thought I could pull off being Dracula. I can think of 2 different times I did this for Halloween. The first is pictured here. That's me with my girlfriend. All I can say is she must have really cared about me to put up with this. Aren't we the cutest undead couple you've ever seen. What was I thinking? And I remember having a friend of mine's mom help me with the cape and I borrowed another friend's high school jazz band shirt to complete the ensemble. Man, I look just like Frank Langella don't I? The second time I dressed up was years later. I had a better cape and I actually won the costume contest. Of course, not many people were dressed up so...well...yeah. It was kind of pathetic.
The second picture is a self-portrait I drew in college. Please tell me I didn't turn this in for a grade. Oh man...this really is embarrassing.
So there you have it. The pathetic history of Marty's Dracula phase. I'll never do that again. Unless I still have the cape.

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adam said...

who's looking at the cape? i'm loving the hair!