Saturday, October 04, 2008

Halloween Countdown: The Greenwood Reaper

This marvelously scary Reaper is an annual decoration in our neighborhood. It's about 3 blocks from our apartment. They used to also put up a giant crucified scarecrow but he wasn't up last year. I just found out that the guy who made the Reaper is going to make him even bigger this year...18' tall! I also found out that he has a blog explaining how he built "Slim." Check it out here.
As you can imagine, Seattlites really go in for Halloween. I think more people decorate here than anywhere else I've ever lived. It's so much better than living in the repressed South where you are branded as the anti-Christ for liking Halloween. Of course, some folks in Seattle appear to celebrate Halloween 365 days a year. Oh well. Different strokes for different...uh...creatures.

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becca said...

Thank you for sharing the blog with the 'how he did it'. He does amazing work. Beth has 2 years of massage therapy training. She was sitting beside me and we were amazed at how he built it so that it looks like a skeleton.