Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Friday Harbor: Day 2

We woke at a reasonable hour and drove around the island. It's not very big so it only took about 45 minutes. We drove by Roche Harbor, the Sculpture Gardens, a couple of state parks, farms, but finally stopped at Lime Kiln Point State Park. This is supposed to be an excellent viewing spot for marine life, especially orcas. Alas, no orcas so we explored the trails along the shoreline ending up at Deadman Bay and the lighthouse. Sarah loved the maple leaves as big as your head. When we left, we decided to swing by False Bay but it was full of water so I call that false advertising.
Once we got back to town, we did some more exploring, ate some really good and greasy fish and chips at the Hungry Clam and then headed back to the room for some rest. Sarah decided that she wanted to watch all the Harry Potter movies to date in a row so we watched Sorceror's Stone, then got ready to go back into town. We went bowling where Sarah and I showed off our prowess at sucking (which is depressing because I used to be a pretty good bowler), got salads and cheesecake at the local market and went back to the room for Ghostbusters 2.
Originally we were to have gone on our whale watch on Saturday but the weather was so bad that afternoon we switched it to Sunday.
Up next: Day 3.

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