Thursday, October 02, 2008

Halloween Countdown: Paul Lynde Halloween Special with KISS

I remember dancing with glee as a kid when I found out KISS was going to be on TV. The fact that it was a Halloween special made it all that much cooler. And cooler still was that it was hosted by Paul Lynde. I always liked him. I used to watch Hollywood Squares just for his wisecracks.
It also doesn't hurt that they have Margaret Hamilton and Billy Hayes playing their iconic witch characters. (bonus points if you know which show Witchypoo is from)
I tried to rent this special on DVD last year but it was never available. I'm trying again this year. Not sure if I'll succeed. It seems to be a popular memory that many folks want to relive.


goob44 said...

I think I still have my copy of KISS vs. the Phantom of the Park (or whatever the name was)

Laura said...

Got to love the fact that they are lip syncing!

Mark Bushor said...

Here it is. For less than $15 buck including shipping.


Mark Bushor said...

Oops...I almost forgot.

HR Puffinstuff.

What do I win?