Friday, March 02, 2007

Even More Weird Poetry

I wrote some very strange poems while I was working a temp job right after I moved out here. You can find them posted here. I'm not sure where they came from unless it was the sheer boredom of the job. Well, this morning I woke up with the beginnings of a couple more in my brain. When I got to work, I emailed myself so I wouldn't forget to do something about it. Here's the result. All I can say is I'm a bit warped or this new diet is messing with my head.


Felicity Suggs ate only bugs
And mice and rats and spiders
Kept in a bowl, she swallows them whole
And they wiggle when inside her
With great ease, she ate some bees
The sight was rather funny
Now anytime she has a cold
That poor girl sneezes honey.

Sweeney Scruggs knits hair rugs
Of every shade and girth
He gathers hair from barbershops
All over planet Earth
He loves his job crocheting locks
The task to which he’s called
His only fear for the future near
That everyone goes bald.

Bartleby Neville is quite the devil
His pranks invoke such glee
He stole his mother's underwear
And threw them in a tree
His parents try to scold and spank
But Neville keeps on sinning
But when he's dead, to Hell he'll go
Where there'll be no more grinning.

Copyright 2007 Marty Gordon


Sarah Burch Gordon said...

Seriously, baby, illustrate all these and get them published!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's like a warped Shell Silverstein. I like them, I really do. I think my son would like them, too - maybe, if these keep coming - you could compile them into a twisted kids book.