Saturday, March 31, 2007

I Dream of Disney

I wish someone could explain my dreams to me. They are so weird. Most of the time I don't remember them at all but, for some strange reason, I do recall the one from last night.
In the dream, Sarah and I are visiting a new church. It's Christmas and they are doing a special choir concert so I ask if we can sing with them. They tell us yes and we take our seats in the choir. It's a large church, probably seating about 3000. The choir loft easily seats 200. We are seated near the top. We are not given any music which concerns me at first but is soon forgotten. As the service starts, we become aware (or did we know going in?) that the church bases everything they do on old Disney cartoons. During the service, the pastor refers to a scene from Disney's anthropomorphized Robin Hood. The scene they show is not in the movie...I guess it's a dream scene...but I can't remember enough about it to describe it. At some point, I ask where the bathroom is. They tell me and I exit. When I get to the bathroom I change into a pig costume. It's one of those big mascot-like things...almost like what they wear at DisneyWorld. But mine is homemade and it looks awful. (I really could have done a better job) I enter the choir loft wearing the pig suit and sit in my seat. The next thing I remember is the woman in front of me turns around and pierces my scrotum with a knife. I start bleeding and the folks around me are trying to decide whether they should call an ambulance.
So, that's it. Any of you Freud wannabes wanna take a crack at that one? Be my guest.

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