Thursday, March 29, 2007

Golden Gardens

The weather is starting to get nice. We've had a couple of days of sunshine and spring is finally springing! I guess that's why I got the itch to go to Golden Gardens yesterday. GG is a stretch of beach that's real close to our apartment. We're actually very close to several beaches including Carkeek and Richmond. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Richmond Beach is small but secluded. Carkeek has some rather large and interesting driftwood but it's crowded. Golden Gardens is my favorite. It's the biggest of them all and the closest to us. In the summer it gets very crowded but evenings are nice there. We took a pretty long stroll since the tide was out. It was pretty quiet and the sunset was beautiful. I snapped about 40-something pics while we were out there. I like a lot of what I took but this one stands out because of the deep blues and the contrast between the shore, water and sky. Since we've moved here I've taken more pics at GG than anywhere else. It's one of my favorite spots in Seattle.

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