Saturday, March 03, 2007

North to Alaska

We're goin' on a cruise! That's right. Just yesterday, we plunked down a pretty significant chunk of change toward a cruise to Alaska. We've both always wanted to see that part of the country and it would be stupid for us to not take advantage of this while we live in Seattle.
It's funny. I've never been a cruise kind of guy. I'm definitely not a Caribbean cruise guy. I grew up in Pensacola and the beach never appealed to me all that much. Granted, I love the beach at night but laying in the sun baking my behind just never seemed like all that much fun. When I found out there were cruises to Alaska, well, my whole outlook changed.
We leave on May 19th and stay gone for a week. Oh heavenly bliss! A real vacation. I can't believe it. Neither one of us has had a real vacation (except for our honeymoon) in years. It's gonna be great!

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