Friday, March 02, 2007

Tornadoes in Alabama

Mom's cousin Serena and her family live in Enterprise. They are all okay but their motorhome was turned over on its side and their carport and house suffered some damage.
Tornadoes are scary. I remember a time when I was little that my mom babysat me, my sister and my cousins at their house. A tornado whipped through and mom put us all against a wall in the house. Other than that, all I can remember is that the wind was howling like mad and I could see the trees whipping back and forth during the lightning flashes. The next day we found out that the tornado hopscotched through the area. It downed a tree in my Grandma Clark's yard next door to where we were.
I remember another time we lived in Georgia and my mom must have thought a tornado was coming. She opened some windows and turned the couch over and we all crawled underneath it.
I've not had a scare as an adult but I remember crossing the vast expanse of Texas and Oklahoma on some of our drama team trips when I was in seminary. We would drive through some areas where you could see forever and I always secretly wanted to see a tornado off in the distance. Now, I'm not going to chase one down like those Stormchasers do. I'm not that dumb.
So, say a prayer for the folks in Enterprise, Alabama. They've got it rough right now.

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