Monday, March 26, 2007

Ten-Page Play Festival

Sarah and I spent our Sunday afternoon at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Queen Anne. They were hosting their first Ten-Page Play Festival. Jeff Berryman, who directed a couple of plays and had one entered, told us about the event. I hope I can keep on top of things so I can enter a play next year.
Jeff wrote about the day on his blog so I won't bore you with repeats. I'll just make a few observations of my own.
Piney Ridge, a play about a lynching in Virginia in 1920 was amazing. It floored me. The story was riveting and the performances were spot on perfect.
Jeff's play, The Catacombs of Texas, was very funny. It told the story of a couple of old gravediggers trying to teach a young whippersnapper about Resurrection. The readers fumbled a bit, which was a shame, but overall the message rang through loud and clear. I hope to see this one staged sometime.
A Romp Through the Hymnal was quite funny as well. The story revolved around the dying wish of a church matriarch to sing through the hymnal at her memorial service. The dead woman narrated and commented throughout the service. Many of the performances were weak but the quality of the humor shined through anyway. The entire bit about Cat Stevens and the song Morning Has Broken was priceless.
A couple of our friends from church had parts in a couple of the plays. I thought they did a great job. Sarah and I wanted to participate but our schedules would not allow it. Perhaps next year. I think it would be fun.
Sarah and I left before it was over so we could have some quality time at home before the hectic pace of life starts up again. The event made me want to write. It made me want to perform. I wish I could find the time to enjoy all of my artistic longings. As it is now, I barely find time to do my art. (Insert HUGE SIGH here)

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