Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy St. Patrick's D...Birthday, Sarah!

Today is my wife's 37th birthday. Uncharacteristically, she rolled out of bed before me this morning to get ready for work. Yes, they have a tech/dress rehearsal for the new show that opens in a week. Anyway, I finally got up and she opened all her cards and gifts. I got her the mini-garden tote with tools that she wanted. She's really into gardening. She bought a mini-greenhouse the other day and has all sorts of stuff growing. Tonight, after she gets off of work, I will take her out to eat. We are going to continue the celebration tomorrow with a day of play. I think we'll try to catch the Argosy Locks Cruise and who knows what else. Whatever the birthday girl wants to do. It's her weekend.
Happy Birthday, baby! I love you!

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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! Our animator for our curriculum had his birthday today. Of course he is 21... Geez, when was I that young?